Friday, February 15, 2013

Glass Grass

"This is the fertility sculpture of the Ndebele tribe! Does that mean anything to you?"
Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future...but really I can't believe it's been over a week since my last post!  I always rolled my eyes at people who would talk about being "so busy."  You honestly didn't have the time (and willpower) to watch all six seasons of LOST in 2 months last semester?  Sure you didn't...But between going on field trips, attending class for SIX HOURS A DAY (aka eternity), and training for the BYU soccer team (kidding, but only a little), I hardly even have time for my required one nap a day!  If I wasn't physically incapable of falling asleep in class, my life would be so much better...Oh, hey there dad! Things are going great! I love all my classes and take the best notes ever and always sit in the front row so I can participate!
Arab Culture Night!
Over a week and a half ago, we went to the Shephelah.  The Shephelah is in the Judean foothills, not too far south from Jerusalem.  I wasn't going to blog about it, but then I realized I have some amazing pictures from it, so I guess I'll suck it up.  We went to the place where David and Goliath battled- it's called Azekah.  We also went to a place associated with the story of Samson, but I forgot to take pictures of my long, flowing hair being shaved.  Surprise! That's the real reason I haven't been posting.  What can I say, I just want to be Britney in 2008!  One of my favorite sites we went to that day was a Columbarium.  It's an ancient place where pigeons were once kept.  Why I like acting like a pigeon, I'll never know, but I got some good pics.   

*pigeon cooing*
Ugh, I'm dying. Giant problems.
Happy Valentine's Day, readers!  I've never truly understood why some people hate on this glorious holiday.  Not that I ever need an excuse to overdose on chocolate, but I'll take it!  And if you don't get any chocolate from your lover-boy friend, just go to the store and buy some pretending it's not for you!  Pathetic/sad, smart/resourceful.  Potato, potahto.  Valentine's Day here has been great so far- we have these tiny mailboxes in which people put notes and candy.  So what if I padded mine with a little extra chocolate?  I'm going to eat it anyway, so why not just keep it out in the open and up my popularity?  If only the Center's cats had opposable thumbs, then my mailbox would be overflowing with cute notes! (and dead squirrels!)

Feeling right at home with all the greenery
When I think about it, I actually have some great Valentine's Day memories.  Getting selfies (yeah, he did them before they were cool.  Ugh, hipsters are everywhere.) and half-melted Hershey's kisses from an admirer in the 4th grade?  Happened on Valentine's Day.  Spending the entire day in the Cannon center last year?  That would be on Valentine's Day.  I'm pretty sure I'll remember this year's V-Day in the future.  Because on the menu for dinner tonight are just two slightly worrisome and offputting words: "AMERICAN FOOD."  Am I supposed to be so anxious about that?  After my experience with KFC here, I don't know how I should be feeling.

Sunday, I walked around my hometown.  Is it weird that I already feel at home in the Old City?  Only a few things are different from Provo.  Here, men offer me a million camels and everyone you go it's "a special price for you."  It's also a little less clean here.  Trashcans are sooo 20th century.  And, Provo doesn't sell baklava on every street corner- in my dreams, maybe.

First, we visited the pools of Bethesda.  Disabled people in Christ's time used to gather around the pools and touch the water where they saw a ripple occur.  Supposedly, one could be healed by touching the pools at the right time.  At one point I got separated from the group and it was glorious.  Sweet, sweet freedom.  I'm rarely alone here- I love people but I just love some more than others, you know?  Then, came one of the greatest moments of my trip.  We played soccer with young Palestinian children.  The best part was that they were all around my skill level (a.k.a. able to run without tripping and dance like nobody's watching and sing like nobody's listening.  but not that last one- tone deafness is real, people!)  We played for around 45 minutes and beat them to the ground.  No mercy for 10-yr-old boys that were not the best at soccer.  We were given (because the other team didn't want them) two twin boys, Ahmed and Muhammad, to complete our team.  They were adorable.  But before our next game, I need to do some research.  I'll figure out how to say things like "Good game" and "Shoot it" and "Crush him like a walnut, Muhammad!"

Who is that girl I see, starting straight back at me??
After working up a sweat (and only embarrassing myself a little bit), we headed over to the Tower of David museum.  And guess what was there?  Some sculptures created by Chihuly!  I just went to the Chihuly exhibit in Richmond over winter break.  I thought it was amazing seeing the Chihuly exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, but this was so so much better.  It's true what I've been hearing- everything is better in Jerusalem.  Except for the whole not being able to watch Hulu thing here.  Not cool, but also very good for me because it makes me talk to real people.  The Tower of David was really great, but also freezing cold.  As in, my inner zombie was coming out.  I've thought about it until recently, but I could totally be an extra in The Walking Dead!  I would barely need any makeup because I'm already blue.  I've also perfected my zombie walk/moan.  You know what they say- dream big and you can achieve anything.  I have a dream, and that dream is to be an undead extra.  So, if you all could give me lotsa moneys that would be great.  I can't imagine it would pay very much.  And, it better go on for at least 10 seasons if I want my dream to last.

So, there I was, exhausted from sleep deprivation and freezing to death even though there were Israeli soliders a few hundred meters away (yeah, you KNOW I was in bad shape when even they couldn't warm my soul).  Skylar & Lizzi somehow convinced me to go into one last exhibit in the tower before we headed back.  I dragged my feet through the door, and then I saw it... AN OLD-FASHIONED PHOTO CORNER!  And, I'm pretty sure it was designed with me in mind.  My favorite pasttime is dressing up weirdly and editing my pictures so they're sepia.  Doesn't matter if you're holding a cell phone or wearing pants as a woman, when you make a picture sepia it means it's old.  I actually waited for pretended to wait for Kaiser Wilhelm to arrive in Jerusalem in 1898.  We used a fancy iPad to add props and mustaches to the picture after.  Speaking of the hairy beasts, the mustache trend is sweeping the JC and it's not good.  I just don't get it- why would you want to have a hairy caterpillar over your lip at all times?  Is it for hiding fun things?  I know people have started to let themselves go a little here/not care what they look like, but this is taking it to the extreme.  I've decided that along with being a zombie, I'm going to work at that exhibit.  If I wasn't "SO BUSY," I would start today.  We were all super jealous of the man working at the exhibit.  I bet he has a million pictures of himself and is actually a model.  How could you not be when all you do is take pictures of yourself.  I bet he knows every last curve and angle in his face!


All credit goes to Skylar- I'm not artsy at all

On Monday, we went to the City of David.  There's a lot of history there.  But, just to name a few things- David saw Bathsheba bathing there and Nephi went there to slay Laban.  Our main focus of the trip was walking through Hezekiah's tunnel.  Most of the time, the water stayed around our ankles.  At the beginning and end of the tunnel, it was around mid-thigh.  I wore shorts and temporarily blinded everyone with my pasty pale legs.  Nothing like a farmer's tan to make you feel pretty and happy and gay.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from the tunnel because I didn't want to risk getting my camera wet.  You'll have to imagine it the best you can from my description.  The tunnel is about 23-26 inches wide and less than 6 ft tall for most of the 500 meters.  I would not recommedn having a dance party when there are only a few inches between your head and a rock ceiling.  Actually, it was totally worth it.  What's a dance party without seeing stars and almost blacking out?

After Hezekiah's Tunnel (a stolen pic)
Since then, we've had class and I also hit up the chocolate store.  I haven't taken too many pictures- I'm a disgrace to myself and bring dishonor on my family.  I've just been trying to enjoy myself and take in the nightlife.  1,000-piece puzzles are a good time!  Okay, time to get studying and/or sleeping.  Did I mention I never sleep here?  But it's okay because I'll just use it as method acting for my future dream role.

(Until we meet again)

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