Sunday, January 6, 2013

Whoa what!


At 2:30 on Friday afternoon I was walking running on the treadmill (level 10.0 like always NBD), when I got a call from Provo. Totally out of breath from my intense workout, I took the call--from the Jerusalem Center program director. I was off the waiting list, four days before departure! Great! Obviously there was no way I was going to leave the country in four days with no notice at all, but great!

And we are. Some might call me "crazy" and "unprepared" and "completely ridiculous for thinking I could go to the Middle East at the drop of a hat." I prefer..."adventurous."

I knew when I got the call (and when I checked this week's low temperatures in Provo) that I wanted to go to Jerusalem. So, I figured I can definitely get a semester abroad together in a single weekend.

Now I have about 36 hours to throw some scarves, maxi skirts, and men's slim-fit khakis in a suitcase, tie it together with the sincere hope that Israeli toiletries are up to snuff, pack up my entire apartment in Provo, attend my first and only informational meeting, and hightail it off to the Holy Land. Amazing adventures to come. Shalom!